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Cigarettes For Life!

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And it's common knowledge that smokes contribute to a lot of the deadliest diseases that afflict human beings. From lung cancer to emphysema, smoking can provide you with a load of trouble, especially in the event that you don't know when to stop. However, are cigarettes all bad the one thing they could provide you is death and misery? Not really.
If you are not a smoker, you can find other alternative uses to cigarettes that will not necessarily shorten your life span.
- Props in magic shows: Magic displays have a lot of uses for smaller things that emit smoke, burn and can be hidden almost anywhere. Everything from a card trick into a coin trick can use a cigarette and in fact some tips specifically need cigarettes in order to do. Just a small sleight of hand can cause you to be an amazing party starter. Who knows? Maybe with enough practice you can get your own show on television.
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- Bookmarks: If women can utilize wilted blossoms as bookmarks, what should prevent guys (or other women) from finding their edgier options? You should only get rid of the tobacco leaves out of a cigarette to make it level and a lot more suitable, and voila! You now have a simple and efficient bookmark. Just make certain you be careful with your cigarette bookmark however as it's extremely fragile.
- Collage materials: it is easy to make collages out of different cigarette parts, such as the sticks or even the box. Cut out letters to form the words that you want and use sticks both used and new to make the ideal work of art.check more details at
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